Wedding Valet Parking in New Jersey:

So, you have been busy booking everything that your wedding needs to be the best event that it can possibly be. You are feeling very good about everything including your caterer, your venues, your cake, and your entertainment for your reception. But the question that we have for you is have you considered hiring a valet parking service for your reception? This is a great idea for so many reasons. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Think about how your guests will feel. You will be making a statement to them that their comfort and well-being matter to you. They will feel like absolute royalty as they are able to pull right up to the entrance without crossing traffic or a parking area. It will also give them the feeling of security. With a professional valet parking the vehicles and always around the parking area, there will be less chance of vandalism or theft. And if the parking area has limited spaces available, a professional valet service will know how to maximize the amount of space for parking while also minimizing the possibility of damage. With all of these great reasons for hiring a valet service, we know that you will want to make this a priority now. So, start searching the New Jersey area for a service that will make sure everyone is more than satisfied. Here is a guide that we believe will help you locate and hire that professional.

There are plenty of valet parking services in the New Jersey area which leaves you with the task of finding the one who will serve you the best. A good start is to ask your family, friends and coworkers about any past experiences that they have had with valet services. If anyone says that they had a great experience, get the contact information of the valet service. Another source you should explore is the world wide web. Do a Google search for “valet services in the New Jersey area.” Ask your wedding vendors, they should have some contacts that they know about and will give you. Calling each valet service on your list and setup a meeting. There are some questions that you absolutely need to ask. How long have they been in business? The good ones stay in business, the bad ones go out of business. How much will their service cost? Does the number of guests that you will be having affect the cost? Do they charge by the hour or per attendant? Make sure that you can set it up so that your guests will never have to pay anything for the service. What kind of training do they put their valets through? What is their safety record? What about customer service, is that something that they put a very high priority on.?

Ask about insurance and licensing? How many valets will be on-site? What if you wanted to bring in an additional valet or two? How much would that cost? Show the service what the parking area looks like at your venue. Do they have any suggestions or comments based on these pictures. Make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of when they should be setup and when the wedding will be over.

In case of inclement weather, will the valets be prepared? For instance, will they be armed with umbrellas in case it starts raining? This is part of that extra touch and special treatment. What if your wedding is in the winter? How will snow and ice be handled? Get the details down. What place will be setup for your guests to wait for their vehicles? When all of your interviews are over, you will know who the best candidate is.