Wedding Makeup Artists in New Jersey:

One of the first people you should start looking for when you say yes to saying I do is your wedding make-up artist. We realize that there are a lot of details to consider fir your wedding: your theme and your color scheme and your caterer are just a few. But when it comes to makeup, there are some definite things you want to think about. If you had any thoughts of not hiring a professional makeup artist, we urge you to think again. We would venture a guess that you are hiring a professional for just about every other area of your wedding. Why leave your makeup to chance? Or why try to do it yourself when you know you do not have near the expertise that a professional has. Keep in mind that there are no do-overs for your wedding and all eyes are going to be on you not to mention all of the pictures that are going to be captured of you by your professional photographer. Let your mind rest easy knowing that your skin will look flawless and fabulous. Put your face into the hands of a professional and make sure that you look absolutely stunning in your pictures and for your fiance and your guests. Now that you have that settled in your mind, it is time to find the professional who will make you look exactly as you have dreamed about. We have put together a brief guide that should help you locate and hire the makeup artist who will have you smiling.

Have you ever hired a makeup artist before? If you have not, then you will probably be wondering where is a good place to start looking for potential makeup artists. Start with your friends, family and coworkers. Ask as many as possible if they know of any great makeup artists. And we stress the fact that you need to be on the lookout for a professional makeup artist. Do not trust your face to a cousin or friend who claims to have practiced quite a bit and therefore they feel confident that they can competently put on your wedding makeup. Look for someone who has had professional training and who is certified. Do a Google search for “professional makeup artists in the New Jersey area.” Peruse individual websites and review sites. Your wedding vendors are another potential source. Once you have in the area of 3 to 5 makeup artists to check out, see if they have your wedding date open. Once you know this, it is time to meet.

There is some definite information that you need to glean from each candidate that you interview. Find out how long they have been applying bridal makeup. How many brides have hired them in the past year? Will they be attempting to work on multiple brides on your wedding day. It is out advice that you stay away from someone like this. You do not want to be competing for time with another bride on your special day. You deserve their full attention and you never want to feel like they may have to rush to leave you and get to another client. How much will their fee be? Does this fit within your budget? DO they require a deposit in order to reserve their services? Do they work off of a contract? Never work with anyone that will not. Check out their portfolio of past work. What about makeup brands? Do they work with only one or a variety. Check out the name or names they mention to you. Research the makeup and make sure they only use professional grade. Anything less will be unacceptable. How do they sanitize their makeup products and brushes? Ask for testimonials and make sure that you get references. Are they personable? Remember, they will be with you just before your wedding ceremony and this means that you want someone who keep you calm.

Also, you will want to talk about possibly doing a trial session. Do they recommend it. Because we do. This means you will be taking no chances and you will know what they are capable of and how you will look when you are in their hands. We wish you well with this all important search.

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